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Lynn M. Hyland

Software Instruction and Consultation
for Macintosh® & Windows®
Small Business and Personal Home-User Clients

Software systems development
such as integrating word processing, database, and spreadsheet tasks
for your specific applications.

Instruction in photo editing and desktop publishing.

Conversion to and instruction in
personal or small business accounting software.

Hyland Data Processing

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Hyland Data Processing
also offers a mini-course
"Introduction to Computers & the Internet"
The presentation covers basic terminology and history,
concepts of computerization and the Internet,
and hands-on computer time.

Please contact Lynn Hyland for scheduling

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The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard
A Keyboard for the English Language

The typewriter keyboard most commonly used today, known as QWERTY because of the arrangement of keys on the upper left, is from the late 1800's. This layout was not designed for efficient typing; rather, designed to minimize typebars jamming on these early mechanical typewriters. At the time, the typing method was two fingered, hunt and peck.

Have you heard about the Dvorak keyboard layout which was designed to be compatible with our English language? This layout was developed by Dr. August Dvorak and Dr. William Dealey from 1914 to the 1930's. During 'The Great Depression', it was prohibitively expensive to convert, so this keyboard layout faded into obscurity.

Now, in 'The Computer Age', rather than metal typebars on a typewriter, we have electronic impulses on computers. The software-driven Dvorak layout comes with Mac OS 8.6 and up, downloadable for earlier versions of Mac OS, and is available in all versions of Windows. For maximum efficiency in typing, English speaking users should consider converting to Dvorak. For those familiar with "home row", 70% of typing with Dvorak is on home row, compared to only 32% on QWERTY. For the untrained typist, Dvorak has all the vowels conveniently located to the left on home row, with the most common consonants on the right. Less hunting; more pecking. For the trained typist, it's just a matter of reprogramming keystrokes, which is estimated to take about 15 hours of typing.

For further information, review other sites on the web by searching
"Dvorak keyboard".
(This one uses Google.)

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Hyland Data Processing
Software Consultation & Instruction
Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database Development
Web Pages, Scanning, Digital Photography & Video

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