This is the One true God.
God is Good
Thou shalt have no false gods before thee...
Having God in your life means that you respect the connection
with your one true, eternal partner, spouse, mate,
forsaking all false gods before thee.
A couple who travel through Eternity together.
A couple who have truly united states.
A couple who are One, interlocked and indivisible.
Being One with God  - United States
United in your Astral, Mental, Physical, & Spiritual states...
united with one mind, one body, one soul.

Jehovah and Yahweh are a united couple, husband and wife,
in a never-ending conversation, never-ending love.

Consider that the O in God
is but the couple standing very close together.
Monogamy & Fidelity
There is only one significant other
to unite with to create One's God,
no matter One's gender.

With this as a definition,
then Adam & Eve, our ultimate human ancestors, are a God.
Created in the image of God -- a human couple,
a couple who travel through eternity together.
United, they are a God.

Moses & Zipporah are a God.
The people we know as Mary & Joseph are a God;
therefore, Jesus is the Son of a God.

God bless those of us whose parents are eternal mates -
each other's best friend who have united in this life,
for we are true children of God.
Would it were that we could all be children of God,
that all of us grow up
to unite with our One eternal significant other...
and that our children grow
to unite with their respective significant others...



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A rendition of the word by Lynn Michele Hyland
is noted for having won first place in the
Graphics Arts Contest held on 27 April 1999
by Capital District Computer Enthusiasts (of New York, Inc.)
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